Radon Testing in Birmingham

Thursday, August 30, 2012 @ 07:08 PM
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The Importance of Radon Testing in Birmingham, AL

Radon Testing Birmingham AlabamaYou may have heard of radon testing, but you may not be fully aware of all the health concerns radon gas is known to cause. If you live in Birmingham, AL, chances are like most southerners you may think that radon only effects northerners with basements. This could not be further from the truth. Radon gas effects nearly all regions of the U.S. Many counties in Alabama average over 4pCi/L, or picocuries per liter. This is considered above the normal level and radon mitigation is necessary.

Similar to other lethal gases such as methane or carbon monoxide, radon is tasteless, odorless, and colorless. This means that without radon testing, there is no real way of knowing if your Birmingham home has dangerous gas levels or not. This is one of the main reasons why radon testing is so important.

Reasons for Radon Testing in Birmingham

Radon has been proven to cause lung cancer, and kills over 20,000 yearly. Often we associate lung cancer with cigarettes, but whether or not you are a smoker, radon does not care. The real danger comes from the amount of exposure to the gas. When the radioactive gas seeps into your home causing dangerous levels, you are then inhaling it while you sleep, eat, enjoy your family, and other activities inside your Birmingham home.

Birmingham Radon Testing Returns High Levels

The EPA has reported than many regions in the Birmingham area have above average radon levels. There are two types of radon tests that may be done to determine whether your Birmingham home is being invaded by this lethal gas. Short term radon testing will take anywhere from two to seven days, and give you a relative idea of what your gas levels are at. Generally we recommend conducting long term radon testing. Long term radon testing typically takes ninety days, but will give you a much more accurate idea of your true gas levels.

What to do After Radon Testing

The devastating news that your radon testing results show high levels of radon gas can cause a lot of emotion and panic. While these results should be a major wake up call, you can stay calm, cool, and collected knowing that the largest mitigation company is local, and ready to answer your call. S.W.A.T. Environmental is dedicated to providing quality air purification systems to reduce your gas levels. Call 1-800-No-Radon for a free quote on a mitigation system.

After a mitigation system has been properly installed, it is important to have continuing radon testing. Birmingham homes should have radon testing completed every two to five years. Although testing can be completed in any month, we recommend testing in the fall months. The reason that we recommend this is because in the fall and winter months, your doors and windows will be closed more, giving the radon test a more accurate reading. Schedule a test regularly, and call S.W.A.T. Environmental for quality and timely radon mitigation as needed.

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