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What Residents of Jefferson County Need to Know About Alabama Radon Testing and Mitigation

Alabama RadonMany residents of Jefferson County and surrounding areas of Birmingham, Alabama do not realize that radon problems can affect them. Those residents may think that radon is confined to certain parts of the country, and that Alabama radon is not something they need to worry about. But in fact those residents of Jefferson County and surrounding areas of Birmingham, Alabama do need to be concerned about radon. This colorless and odorless radioactive gas can be extremely dangerous, and it is found virtually everywhere, including in Jefferson County and surrounding areas of Birmingham, Alabama.

Test Your Home for Alabama Radon

Residents of Jefferson County may be required to test their homes for Alabama radon gas when they put it up for sale, but there is no reason to wait until then to test your home for radon. The truth is that radon problems can get worse over time if they are not addressed promptly, and if you fail to deal with a radon issue right away you could be putting yourself and your family members at risk. And since radon is the second biggest cause of lung cancer, those health risks can be quite serious.

The sooner residents of Jefferson County get their homes tested for high levels of Alabama radon gas, the sooner they can move on with their lives and protect their families. Residents of Jefferson County and surrounding areas Birmingham, Alabama whose homes test negative for high levels of radon can rest assured that they have nothing to worry about. Jefferson County residents who do discover a Alabama radon problem can immediately take steps to rectify the issue and get rid of that existing radon while preventing further contamination by radon gas.

But it all starts with testing, and it is important to choose a radon testing company you can trust to do the work. Start by finding an Alabama radon testing company licensed to do business in Jefferson County. Once you have identified a quality company to do the radon testing on your home, you can schedule an appointment to have the radon levels in your home tested.

What is the Process for Testing and Removing Alabama Radon Gas From Your Home

When the technician from the Alabama radon testing company arrives, he or she will use a number of sophisticated testing instruments to test the radon levels in your home. This testing equipment is important, since radon is colorless and odorless, making it difficult to detect in your home.

That Birmingham, AL radon testing may focus on the basement of the home, since that is where radon tends to accumulate in homes in Jefferson County and surrounding areas. From there the radon can seep into the rest of your home and cause high levels to accumulate.

If the Alabama radon testing company does detect high levels of radon in your home, they can work with you to find where that radon is coming from. Once the source of the radon is found, the AL radon testing company can help you develop a plan to eliminate the existing radon from your home while preventing additional radon from coming into your basement and the rest of your house.